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Supreme Court, London

On Friday 7th December approximately 50 of us boarded our coach at Ram Meadow and by 12 noon safely alighted about 200 metres from our destination. Having divided ourselves up into two groups of 25 for the purposes of the tours,  we assembled in the foyer of the Court.

On the lower ground floor of the courts is situated an exhibition which is well worth a visit on its own and many unknown facts were uncovered there to be secreted away by the budding quiz-masters in our midst!  Here’s one which made me chuckle. England chose a rose for its emblem but Scotland, for reasons best known to itself, chose a thistle.  Do you know why?  The answer is further down this page in photographic form.

Eventually we joined our allotted tour and for the next hour were guided round the three courts, which fortunately were not in use as it was a Friday, by our very knowledgeable and articulate guide.  The tour was was most illuminating and absolutely worth the £5 per head for the tour and the time travelling there and back.

The amazing thing is that you can visit the courts at any time when they are open and enter the courts while they are in session.  There is no restriction except they expect a reasonable standard of attire and good behaviour. You will be subjected to airport security on your entrance and don’t take lots of bags with you as you will not be allowed to enter with them. I for one will certainly visit the courts again.

Here are a few very boring photographs but maybe the people in them will find some of interest.  Click on any picture for an enlargement.



Images of Bury St Edmunds