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The Bury St Edmunds U3A is a self-help group of people who are no longer in full-time paid employment. We were founded in 1988 and have a membership of over 1000.

  • Our activities include:
  • A monthly lecture of educational interest, open to all members.
  • Specific-interest groups who meet at times of their own choosing.
  • The groups frequently meet in each others houses so group sizes are necessarily small.
  • An annual Study Day on a nationally important topic, open to our members and other local U3As.
  • Educational visits and social/cultural events are organised throughout the year.

We welcome (but do not insist upon!) contributions from all. If you have some specialised knowledge, please do not keep it to yourself, but join and contribute to one of our groups. Or start a group of your own choosing. Help in setting it up is available.

How to Join the U3A

There is no waiting list so if you follow the instructions on this form and send it to the office, your membership card and programme will be sent to you quite quickly. Alternatively you can enrol at our monthly lecture at the Apex. Check the Lectures page first in case of a change of date.

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Next Lecture Date

Suffolk on the Home Front and the effect of the first world war on the country’s people.

Suffolk on the Home Front and the effect of the first world war on the country’s people.

Speaker: Sarah Doig

Tue 12 Nov @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Sarah is a very experienced speaker and author and musician. She is also a council member and trustee of Suffolk institute of archaeology and history and is currently chair of the friends of Suffolk record office. Her latest book is entitled ‘The little history of Suffolk’. Note.  This event is on the second Tuesday of the month

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New Study Groups

We have recently added new study groups, to explore what's on offer click the name of the group you are interested in

Art History

Shakespeare II

T.S. Eliot in Context

Philosophy Matters II


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