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Interest Groups

Interest Groups

During the pandemic most of these groups will be unable to meet. However feel free to contact the group leader if you would like to join the group at a later date.

This page gives you all the details you need to help you choose a Study Group.

Click on the Group Read More button to get more information and if you wish to join the Group, please contact the Group Leader / Co-ordinator.

If you have any comments to make about the Groups section of the website, please e-mail

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Whether you are interested in exploring the works of classical and modern artists or in creating your own works, there is a group of people here that shares your passion. Read More


Outdoors Contact with nature can benefit both body and mind. Here are groups that enjoy walking in the countryside, recognising plants and animals seen there, and admiring the work involved in creating beautiful gardens. Some move indoors when the weather worsens, emerging again in Spring! Read More


History National history, local history, your history, and history in the making – here are groups exploring the question “How did we get to where we are now?” Read More

Literature, Theatre & Film

Literature, Theatre & Film Read and discuss classical literature, the latest Man Booker winner, or a cracking good thriller. Share views on a range of films and dramatic works. Develop your poetry-writing skills with encouragement and support from other poets. Find support for a wide range of literary and dramatic interests. Read More


Languages Improve your conversation skills in a range of modern European languages. Read More


Music Here are groups that offer a chance to expand your knowledge of a wide range of musical styles, as well as groups for ensemble performance with people who share your enthusiasm for all things musical. Read More

Science & Philosophy

Science & Philosophy These topics are important tools for understanding how the world works. Whether you are interested in the fast-changing worlds of science and technology, or in the slower evolution of philosophical ideas, here are groups to help you explore and understand the world we live in. Read More

Other Interests

Other Interests For those who defy pigeon-holes! Here are groups with an interest in tai chi, wine, travel, current affairs, and mentoring. Read More

Become a Group Leader

Become a Group Leader The idea with u3a is that we all have knowledge we could share and interests we would like to expand. This is achieved mainly through Interest Groups. Interest Groups need someone (a Leader) to sort out what the Group does, where and when, and keeps members informed. Read More

Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure For the more physically mobile and mentally mobile. Read More